This little word consists of millions of shades and different opinions by people if been told to describe. The essence of anything is more vibrant and catchy through colors. May it be Food, Clothes, Furniture, Home, Vehicles, Accessories etc. Colors have an impact from a baby to an old aged person, even animals get fascinated by colors, and each of us have a definite response to different shades.

If we go to the essence of different colors, each color is composed of different characteristics, a color defines your personality , effects your behavior, mind set and I must say it also affects a persons health.The concepts and ideas of colors are implemented on the basis of people, place, surroundings as well the result that is to be generated by using a particular shade or a color.

Even a food dish if it is tasty, but looks pale would not be chosen by a person if kept besides a colorful and decorated dish…. The fruits and the vegetables are of numerous colors and are used for preparing various delicious items that lure the eater. A color can even define the taste, for eg. something spicy is always Red, a fruit as good as orange is juicy etc. Chocolates for children are always colorful and the do not fail to attract the other age groups as well!

You would be glad to know that your favorite color defines your personality as well as your day to day choices that you go for, Yellow being a favorite states a person to be furious, enthusiastic etc, whereas Red defines a person to be passionate, it is also a color symbolizing danger. Marketers with the help of colors attract customers.

Children and women are found to be most attracted by these shades of nature, the almighty has gifted us with such a great boon to explore.

The sunset at a beach can give you such a wonderful experience of enjoying the colors of nature, wherein shades are changed in minutes and the beauty created by god can be cherished giving immense peace to mind and Heart.

Lets Explore the Colors of Life and make our lives adventurous.


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