Shore of the Heart.
Shore of the Heart.

Present, Past, Future!

In the present we complain about the past and aim for a future without effectively working upon it.

Why do we think so much?

Most of the times we are surrounded by thoughts, may it be any part of the day or any work we are in the middle of, we never try to detach ourselves from this string of thoughts that changes in friction of seconds with ‘n’ no of aspects.It can be about anything bothering us or about some beautiful moments spent with the loved one’s. We never fail to repeat those pictures in our minds and recreate a few more for the coming times where we can create beautiful memories.

Talking about me, the way my cognition process is conducted is so hard to describe! Yes, because i think a lot, Maybe sometimes I even over think, that is sometimes bad, but i don’t know i cant help it. My thoughts get transformed into my actions, behavior, communication etc. And it is really easy for any individual to make out what kind of thoughts are running around in my mind, they get displayed by my happiness, remorse, anger, anxiety and much more.

As going through this complicated process of cognition and learning. We undergo a lot of changes in ourselves. This change is no temporary it highly affects our lives and attitude towards it. Though it is not the same with each and every individual but uncertainly it is experienced by all of the living beings.

They say, ‘ Change is the only permanent thing in this world’ .

When it comes to the change in us, then why can’t we make it the best we can. The change that is noticeable, progressive, which can add value to our mind, heart and lives.

Let the thoughts unveil the mind and heart to the betterment of oneself and to that of the society.

Let every change in you Be New.

Let your sad moments be very Few.

#Life #Lessons and #Learning’s.


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