Serpentine Pavillion




An amazing piece of art that is beyond imagination.

Serpentine Pavillion A wall of translucent blocks that has been “unzipped” to create a curving, cavernous interior.
Viewed side-on, the pavilion is rectangular. But when seen from the front or at an angle, its curving silhouette is revealed. It also changes from opaque to see-through, depending on the viewing angle. In one direction it’s all orthogonal and all transparent, but when you look through the other side it’s all opaque and translucent and has this curvilinear face.

It is made up of translucent fibreglass frames, stacked on top of each other in a typical brickwork pattern.

The hollow blocks are gradually shifted forwards and backwards to create two layers of undulating surfaces, which divide to create curved entrances at both ends of the pavilion, as well as the cavernous centre.
Bjarke Ingels (BIG)
Serpentine Pavillion
London, United Kingdom


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