The Magic of Nature

When you have such wonderful silhouettes in the sky and the sound of birds with the wind touching you, who needs a 4D show.



Sitting long hours near the waterfront, and experiencing the flow of thoughts that flood your minds and reach to the extremes which cannot be possible in real times.

That is the magic of nature. The feelings are unique and every individual can be in a diffrent place at the same time. And come up with a story that is worth to tell. The lessons learned from life are the ones that pop first in the head.

For the ones madly in love and living apart, miss their other like never before. thier nerves feel the pumping heart and their eyes want a sight. A single touch is enough for that moment. And it is a moment saying’I Wish’….

As the only thing a kid wants to do is run after the birds even if it scares them. That is the death of fright and a step towards being independant and fearless.

As there are many stories that can come out at the same place. But the feeling is always pure and true. And that’s what is same.

The magic of nature


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