The Right Time

The Right Time!

Reading the above 3 words can be best described by the abstract emotion ‘Patience’. It is possessed by everyone but hardly sustained. When the waiting time becomes to long to survive only a few people have the hope to certainty and can go till the end.

Efforts that have been laid to achieve the goal are not the same every time but so are the results. Trying to observe, understand and then overcome a certain situation becomes very important for an individual who is losing faith in himself. As it was only because of strong will and dedication it was possible for him to make a journey so far. Time itself is an important factor that leads to success.

‘The London Eye’ takes a total of 45 minutes to take a complete round. It spins slowly so that the ones on board can take the maximum advantage of the ride and please themselves with the magnificent panorama of the horizons. As far as the eyes can reach, there are silhouettes that can never be recreated. They’re unique by themselves and the time spent feels a lot less for that distinct sight. We can see how time is important for each and every activity. Sometimes it’s too quick to realise the occurrence and there are times when it keeps dragging. But the important thing is what has brought you so far and will take to the goal, all you need to do is wait for the right time and the experience would be priceless to make you feel the joy of all the efforts put down to achieve it.

The spokes of the wheel can be assumed as the people around us who help us at every step. The cubicle can be the place of shelter and the people present inside it can be your companions for the journey. When you’re destined to travel and you know there is an end to it. All you have to do is enjoy the journey as you don’t get ‘Today’ everyday. Soon, it will be a past.

Don’t lose hope, as on your way there are realizations inexpressible and there is always a right moment for it.

Just WAIT!




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