Story with a Sketch


Ganesha sketch.jpg

The best gift to have in life is ‘Parents’. There is no comparison when it comes to the Love we get from them. When it comes to giving, they  can flood your life with happiness and fulfill your desires by sacrificing theirs.

Respecting them should be something that comes from within and should not be taught as a lesson by statements of comparison or as an example from the surroundings. There are stages in life when your priorities change. You can blame the hormones or the adolescence for that. I understand.

But let me remind you. Since the day you were born, “‘You’ were the Priority of their life above and beyond everything”. Nothing else but your happiness became their satisfaction. Your achievement, the Pride that satiates the unfulfilled aspirations of their lives. And seeing you in pain can be the worst part of their life.

The above sketch is a father and a son. Observing it carefully, there can be various perceptions about the message it is trying to convey. The sentiments that flow out of my mind lights me towards purity. Selflessness and trust are derived from the bond in this relation. And the head that bows down in respect is what touches my heart.

“Purity is the essence of any relationship and respect is something that binds it for life.”


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