Do you have a habit of holding back?

To be honest, I do. But it makes me wonder, why should I?
As the same thing won’t be a matter of concern after a decade. By holding back I am letting go all the wonderful times and memories that I had experienced and shared with that person in the past. If I think about those times, they still make me smile.

Just because of one incident or a series of incidents over a short period of time, should I get rid of the bond we shared or Instead should I convince myself that it was a phase of life and that has passed away? I have a life ahead to look forward to. And If I continue holding back that ill feeling in my heart I would loose some special relations that got stronger over the years and took no time to weaken and loose the essence of love and trust.

These thoughts whirl around my mind like a cyclone. As whatever happened scared my heart and I still feel the pain. For a moment I think of forgetting everything and starting fresh. The next moment I feel a sudden gasp and I find myself standing at the same place and wounded.

It is a strange feeling hard to describe and a question that has multiple answers. I hope I

can let go and make myself free from this burden.
I wish things can be as they were, Life would be much brighter to look forward to …..

Brighton beach

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