The Magic of Nature

When you have such wonderful silhouettes in the sky and the sound of birds with the wind touching you, who needs a 4D show.   Sitting long hours near the waterfront, and experiencing the flow of thoughts that flood your minds and reach to the extremes which cannot be possible in real times. That is … Continue reading The Magic of Nature

The depth​ of thoughts.

Like there's no trace to where these clouds go, our thoughts have no path or direction. They can flow like a free bird and explore all the places of our mind without getting fatigued. Thoughts cannot be measured but yes, definitely controlled and channelized the way we want. Make the best out of everything you … Continue reading The depth​ of thoughts.

Mother’s Birthday

On this Special Day to You I wish All of your Dreams& Wishes Come True. You are a Person So Humble and Kind The one that is So rare to Find Your Care & Comfort Makes us feel so Warm Your Love keeps Flowing Like the Dusk & Dawn Special Birthday wishes To Someone Special YOU … Continue reading Mother’s Birthday